2019 JBO Announcement

With Registration opening for Baseball in the coming weeks we are excited to announce that Lincoln Youth Baseball will be offering Junior Baseball Organization (JBO) competitive baseball for this age group. The program description and divisions can be found here.

Not only is this an exciting opportunity for interested players/families to play in a more challenging environment with advanced rules, it will also enable LincolnBaseball to remain competitive with other local area 6A schools that offer JBO or similar programs for this age group, and we will be a part of the Westside Youth Baseball/Junior Baseball Organization.

The goal of the JBO program is to establish teams that promote competition at equal levels of ability and skill, with emphasis on the complete game of baseball (leading off, stealing, etc.). And best of all, when it comes to playoff time, a team goes as a unit, without the end-of-season all-star selection or tournament team process.

Last seasons Red/Black tournament teams were a resounding success: players developed immensely and the competition was intense, but most of all fun; however, they would have benefited from and been even more competitive had they been playing together throughout the spring season. Almost all players/families involved loved the competitive environment and agreed having these teams together throughout the season would have benefited everyone.

Player evaluations will occur on January 12th and 13th at the Lincoln High gym and batting cages**. Winter conditioning/ pre-season practices will begin shortly after team formation, also at Lincoln High gym/cages, with approximately 1-2 sessions/wk in January and February with due consideration given to those participating in basketball and other winter sports (as we promote and highly-encourage multi-sport athletes). The goal is to field a Federal, American and National level JBO team, but this will be dependent on the # of players signing up for competitive ball, evaluation results, available coaches, etc.

Those players not interested in playing in the competitive JBO format or who are not selected for one of the JBO teams are a valuable part of the overall Lincolnbaseball program - these players will have the opportunity to participate in the Cal Ripken AAA program which competes against other, similarly skilled, Lincolnteams. Like JBO, AAA ball is 100% kid pitch, but is a competitive developmental league designed for those players who need more time to further refine their skills before playing under full baseball rules.

Our primary goal at LYBS is to ensure all our players have a rewarding and valuable experience, and this of course is going to mean different things for different players at different levels, and this is why we are restructuring the program in this manner. Go CARDs!

* Unlike AAA ball, JBO season lasts past the end of the school year, possibly into July depending tournament schedules, whether the team makes the State tournament, etc.

** There will be a separate evaluation in February (date and time TBD) for those wishing to only play AAA ball or who can't make the January evaluations.