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What are the JBO divisions?

LYBS can offer nine levels of play under the Junior Baseball Organization (JBO) umbrella. There are three major divisions, broken down generally as follows.

  • Seniors - 7th & 8th grade
  • Juniors - 5th & 6th grade
  • Minors - 3rd & 4th grade

Within each of the three major divisions there are three skill levels that teams are assigned to:

  • Federal (advanced)
  • American (above average)
  • National (average)

So, a team in the Junior American subdivision is the middle skill level for 5th & 6th grade players.

While most players play in their grade-level divisions, age and grade in school are factors in which division your child is eligible to play for. If your child is exceptionally young or old for their grade level, contact LYBS for guidance on selecting the right division or to request a waiver to play at a different level.

What is the purpose of the player evaluations?

LYBS's player evaluations are intended to provide a means to place kids on teams that are consistent with each player's individual skill level. The goal is to maximize playing time, development and enjoyment of the game.

When are the player evaluations?

Player evaluations are usually held on different dates depending on field availability and your child's age and grade in school. Be sure to check the LYBS website for the latest information on dates and times.

Who evaluates the players' skill level?

To the best of its ability, the LYBS board (in association with Lincoln HS) recruits area high school baseball coaches and experienced baseball instructors to serve as evaluators. When needed, LYBS board of directors or experienced baseball coaches from Lincoln High School are also used but evaluators must not have current players in the system.

What if my child cannot attend the player evaluations on the scheduled date?

LYBS offers a makeup evaluation session for players who can not make the main evaluation.

What is the Federal tryout?

In the event that your child places in top 20 or so in the player evaluations, they may be invited to a separate tryout for the Federal team after the main evaluation session.

When can I expect to hear what level my child will play at?

Announcements for team formations (including levels of play and coaches) usually occur approximately two weeks after the player evaluations.

What is the process for determining the number of teams at each level and player placement?

Player Evaluations: All evaluations are done by high school coaches and experienced coaches who do not have players in the system.

Team placement and coach selection: The number of teams at each level is based on total number of players, player experience levels, evaluation scores and the JBO team matrix. Once team placement is determined, the evaluation committee identifies coaches and places them at each level.

Player selection onto teams: Players are assigned teams based on player evaluation scores, past coach evaluations (i.e. previous season's performance) and specialized positions (for instance, ensuring a team has an adequate number of willing and able pitchers and catchers). Players are drafted onto teams at the appropriate level by coaches if there is more than one team at a given level.

When do practices start?

At the coach's discretion, but generally practices begin the week after spring break. Older teams may elect to start prior to spring break.

When do games start?

Little League teams (T-ball, A, AA,) begin games in April. JBO teams (Minor, Junior, Senior) begin games early- to mid-May, depending on level. Senior teams begin pre-season games in April.

Are there extra costs for weekend tournaments?

JBO teams (MInor, Junior, Senior) play tournaments. Costs for any weekend tournament hosted by LYBS are included with your registration, but LYBS teams and families are expected to help out with the work of hosting the tournaments. Costs for all other weekend tournaments are the responsibility of the participating team.

Where will my team practice?

Practice fields are selected by the coaches. For T-ball, A and AA teams the league groups players together by elementary school, so practice fields are generally in the neighborhood. Junior and Senior teams will practice on the larger home fields in the district, such as West Sylvan and Gabriel Park.

Where are the games?

League teams (T-ball, A, AA) play on local fields (Bridlemile, Wallace Park, Robert Gray, East Sylvan, etc.) against other LYBS teams.

JBO teams play home games on local fields (West Sylvan, Robert Gray, Pendleton Park, Gabriel Park) and away games elsewhere in the district.

LYBS plays in the West Hills JBO district (for National and American teams) and the Washington County district (for Federal teams). Typically, league games are in Sherwood, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Southwest Portland. Federal teams may have extended travel requirements.

When does the season end?

T-ball teams finish up at the end of May and, AA teams play through the end of the school year, in mid-June. For Minor, Junior and Senior teams, regular-season games end in early July. Depending on team performance, advancement to district and/or state tournaments may extend the season until late July.

What are the governing rules for LYBS?

As a league, we operate under established bylaws. All Little League play is governed by the official rules of Little League, which can be found on the Little League website. All JBO baseball play is governed by National Federation of State High School Association rules, with JBO-specific modifications. JBO rules can be found on the JBO website.

Who coaches baseball teams?

Little League teams are coached by parent volunteers. If you are interested in coaching or assisting, please register at http://www.lincolnyouthbaseballsoftball.com/sam/registration, register as a coach and email lincolnyouthbaseballsoftball@gmail.com.

JBO teams are coached by experienced volunteer parents, and paid coaches. Coaches from Lincoln or other area High Schools have been used in the past as well as paid coaches from other sources. There could be a coaching fee if paid coaches are used for your child's team.